The FolkPrint Project – How the idea began

Ever wondered where you “disposable” utensils go when you throw them in the trash?.. It is such a small thing that we sometimes don’t stop to think about it. But each of us sometimes use disposable folks, knives, spoons, plates and cups everyday – sometimes many times each day. Well I came to the US in September, and until then I hadn’t seen edible items like corn, soy, potato starch and rice extracts been used to produce utensils. When I saw that “food” was being used not to eat but rather to produce utensils I was a bit puzzled. When I saw that these utensils were used once and thrown – without a second thought I was flabbergasted. The first thought that came to my mind was – hmm why are ppl wasting so much “edible material”. Specially at a time when global food prices are going up and the World Food Program has predicted that over 10 million people could join the lot who are already starving what were they doing??

I was also a bit bugged about the amount of waste created by the “use and throw” culture. If you encourage people to use once and then dispose things that is just creating a tonne of garbage!. its true that the utensils say that they are “bio-degradable”. does that mean they disintegrate 100%? How much energy was needed to compost them? were all the utensils composted or did they end up clogging landfills? These were the questions that rose in my mind. So I started snooping about. And that is how the idea for “the Folkprint project” was born


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